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For engaging a substantial crypto community, nothing beats a well-structured Twitter campaign! The current landscape is cluttered with numerous bots that overwhelm chat rooms with unproductive spam, losing their efficacy. To counter this, we're providing an innovative approach that values the quality of these campaigns over sheer volume. $SHIELD has created a unique bot specifically tasked with this, offering effective service for you and your associated Telegram network.

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A portion of the Taxes goes directly to LP. The implementation of the referral program also drives incentive to buy our token as well as spread SHIELD around to other communities. The Bot not only can be used for tokens, but also huge communities to the likes of POE, Skull, and Eric.

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Bounty burns

$SHIELD lets you create bounties on tweets. Hit the likes, retweets, and comments target, and the bounty is filled!

Example: a post states, "Bounty .02 Burn for 25 likes." Once the tweet hits 25 likes, the bounty completes and the specified amount is burned from our token's supply.

This exciting feature stimulates audience interaction and rewards active community participation!

Not just for you, $SHIELD can also supercharge other projects. Create bounties and trigger a continuous buy-back and burn mechanism!

Other projects using our platform must buy and burn our tokens, reducing circulating supply and potentially increasing value.

Even better? Every project's buy and burn contributes to $SHIELD's own buy-back and burn. We all benefit together!

$SHIELD is redefining social media engagement and token value management.

Ready for the future of social media and crypto? Join us. It's time to $SHIELD Up!

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